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03 September 2009

Thank you folks!

I really appreciate the shout-outs I've gotten for the Smorkin' Dunny Circus and Muttpop Minotaur. It's an honor and I am grateful.

Smorkin' Bros. Bombin' and Dunny Circus
Tomopop: Presenting the one, the only, Smorkin' Bros. Bombin' and Dunny Circus!
Toycutter: Circus Dunnys

Muttpop Tequila Minotaur
Tomopop: Minotaur Tupac says reality is wrong, dreams are for real
The Land of Frost: artist spotlight [southerndrawl]
Collect3D: Southerndrawl ‘Tupac’ Minotaur Custom
Toycutter: Tupac/Minotaur Tequila
vinyleschiles: Tupac Tequila Minotaur [spanish language]

and [not so recently] the Rhinolabbitocerous
Thank you all and special thanks (!) to Tomopop and Toycutter which I check every day. And best of luck to the Toycyte folks wherever ya'll are now.