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Hit me up at southerndrawl@gmail.com for any commission questions. It's also my paypal address . You can also follow me on flickr, facebook or instagram. I'm always happy to answer process or how-to type questions.

Currently available: 22" Rhino(labbit) and 4 1/2" Smiley Yellow Iron Snail, Rhino Troop, and Dun-209, . E-mail me or go to my store.

10 June 2015

Mother and Child: 7" Zentrikky and 4 1/2" Duntraedi

Much love for Robotech. Based on the Zentraedi Regult battlepods in the Macross series. 

09 May 2015

Gaiking: 20" 3A Mongrol

My biggest custom to date. LED lights!  

24 March 2015

Soundkitty: 8" Trikky

Based on the coolest Transformer ever.  

22 February 2015

Storm Troop: 10" Teddy Troop

This piece just makes sense.  

11 February 2015

Mecha Fett: 12" munny

Continuing to use some cast pieces from my exoskeleton set (legs, feet, and arms). Boba Fett gets a power up!

Cranston Battlepod: 8" Cranston Jr

Made this for Lou Pimentel's When Hell Freezes Over 2 Show at myplasticheart. Lou designed the Cranston Jr figure that I'm using as the base platform. Robotech still gives me warm fuzzies after all these years. Happy to say that it sold and I'm giving all the money away to a fellow artist named RSIN.

03 October 2014

Heavy Mech Panda: 10" dunny

Another variation using cast pieces from my exoskeleton set (mask, legs, and arms). The dunny ears are swept back and the chest armor is all new. The leg attachments add three inches to the height.

12 September 2014

Lion-O HO!: 13" PAW

Thundercats was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Here's my rendition of the show's famous lead character, Lion-O, consisting of a 13" PAW custom + 14" scratch-built Sword of Omens. I started this further back than I care to remember and I'm grateful to the commissioner for being so patient. I added additional musculature and joints plus the belt, arm and shoulder armor. My favorite part is the Claw Shield which lifted the figure an inch higher than the original12-inch height.And the other side:

18 August 2014

Baby Fett: 4" minimunny

Wow, has it been that long since my last post? Here's Baby Fett.

21 April 2014

5-Eyed Dragon Part Deux

Here are my works for the second Five Eyed Dragon Show. This show commemorates Dragatomi's 5th year anniversary! It's great to be back together with these four amazing artists and I can't think of a gallery that's been better to me. Thanks to Joanne and Ray Suavillo, Betso, Nolasco, Drilone and Leecifer!
12" Rhino Troop:  Using 10" Teddy Troop as base platform with polyurethane plastic cast rhino head10" Iron Troop: Using 10" Teddy Troop as base platform10" Dun-209: Using 7" Mecha Dunny as base platform with cast resin parts (homage piece to the ED-209 from the original Robocop movie)10" Exoskeleton: using 7" Kidrobot munny as base platform with cast resin parts.four 3" Iron Bees: using 3" Kidrobot dunny figures as base platform

23 January 2014

Bull Troop Trio: 10" Teddy Troop + 3" Dunny + 4" Munnyworld Foomi

Yay! Finally finished the bull, bee, and oxpecker trio!

08 December 2013

Robotech Duntraedi 2.0: 4 1/2" dunny

The second one, using a standard dunny body.

18 November 2013

Iron Blam cosplay: 11" original sculpt

This classic Iron Man is based off the Billy character from Blamo Toys. The Billy has a rather soporofic energy about it. I wanted to see what would happen by going the other direction and turning Billy into an action figure. The original Billy figure is carved from wood. This sculpt is made using Smooth-On's Free Form Epoxy Putty and Magic Sculpt and carved to mimic a wood effect. Here's a pic with the original.

24 October 2013

Robotech Duntraedi: 4 1/2" dunny

From one of the coolest cartoons of my youth: Uses the chuckboy dunny platform.

07 October 2013


Haven't posted in a while but certainly been busy: And some others. I really need to focus on painting soon.

25 July 2013

The Daimyo: 9" Munny

The Daimyo!

11 July 2013

Go-Lion Voltron! 12" Teddy Troop

Dang, this took a long time! Almost a full year. I have wanted to make a Voltron for the past five years; he's my favorite super robot. For this project, I molded and cast all the major parts, over a dozen different molds (each arm and foot, horns, wings, nose, teeth, sword, and so on). It's been a great learning experience.

11 April 2013

Mecha Dunny!

Love the dunny Mecha-version. Just a minor repaint with new hands and backpack.

11 February 2013

Medic!: 9" munny

For the Art Without Borders Charity Show at Art Whino. This show will benefit Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). It's an excellent organization " work[ing] in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation." I was very pleased to be invited and wanted to make something that very directly related to their organization's work.

06 February 2013

Iron Beaver: 7' Dunny

I like to think of this as an old school John Byrne Alpha Flight Vindicator-kind of beaver.