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02 March 2010

Ferdinand the Bull(abbit), and Willy and Easy B(ee)

Here's a preview pic of one of my pieces for the "5-Eyed Dragon" Show @ Dragatomi starting April 10th with me and the incomparable Betso, Drilone, Leecifer and Brent Nolasco.

Ferdinand would rather smell the flowers than fight but one day he meets Willy and EZ B and life would never be the same again: 10" labbit and two 3" dunnys.On making the bull(abbit): I wanted to give the bull(abbit) really powerful shoulders so I cut off the head and reversed the body creating an upward slant from the hind legs to the shoulders (in effect turning the hind legs into the front legs). This slope still wasn't pronounced enough so I added a large hump to back of the shoulders and built up the front legs further. I extended the head and neck and used the labbit's original ears for the horns. The rivets are hundreds of escutcheon pins- a kind of nail with a rounded head. I used magic sculpt, a two-part epoxy putty for all the sculpting on this piece.