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09 April 2010

5-Eyed Dragon show pieces

Dragatomi has put out the preview for the show so now it's time to reveal my remaining custom pieces that will be seen there. If you can swing by Dragatomi in Sacramento April 10th, check it out. My stuff plus incredible works by Betso, Nolasco, Drilone and Leecifer will be shown and available for purchase.

Styracosaur Troop Stewie and Pteranodun Scout Tara
Cretaceous Regiment reporting for duty, sir!: 10” Teddy Troop and 3” dunny, wire, escutcheon pins, magic sculpt, acrylic paints. Lance Corporal Dwayne P. Piggleton.
First to fight, first to die. The “pride” of the Pigs’ Armored Infantry, warts and all: 10” Teddy Troop, wire, escutcheon pins, magic sculpt, acrylic paints Crybaby Dragon and Triceratops
3” dunny, wire, ping pong ball, magic sculpt, acrylic paints Smorkin' Bros. Bombin' and Dunny Circus: Second Act Now with Elephant and Rider
Part of this custom was first shown August 2009. I added an elephant and rider to the set for the 5‐eyed Dragon Show. One 5” labbit and five 3” dunnys, Frank Kozik’s 1.5” and 2.5” mini bomb set, wire, magic sculpt,and acrylic paints