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Currently available: 22" Rhino(labbit) and 4 1/2" Smiley Yellow Iron Snail, Rhino Troop, and Dun-209, . E-mail me or go to my store.

17 September 2012

Bestias y Rarezas show pieces

Thanks to all the folks who helped make this a successful show. Thank you Chaus, Joanne, Ray and the many folks who came the day of the opening or looked online. Pieces can be purchased directly through Dragatomi. As of this writing, the Rhino(labbit), Skunk and Racing Orange and Smiley Yellow Snails are still available. As always, more pictures are available on my flickr.
White Rhino(labbit) 3.0, 22" long labbitIron Koala Troop, 10" teddy troop, SOLDWhite Knight Chess (Iron Horse) Troop, 18" teddy troop, SOLDGreat Pink Iron Shark Troop, 10" teddy troop, SOLD Skunk, 7" trikky munnyBlue Iron Fox and Red Iron Raccon, 4 1/2" minimunny trikkys, SOLD Red Iron Snail Zlik, 6" zlik, SOLDSmiley Yellow, Placid Purple, and Racing Orange Iron Snails, 5 1/2" (from 3 1/2" mini teddy troop), PURPLE SOLD Brass Balls Snail, 6 1/2" (from 3 1/2" mini teddy troop, SOLD