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21 April 2014

5-Eyed Dragon Part Deux

Here are my works for the second Five Eyed Dragon Show. This show commemorates Dragatomi's 5th year anniversary! It's great to be back together with these four amazing artists and I can't think of a gallery that's been better to me. Thanks to Joanne and Ray Suavillo, Betso, Nolasco, Drilone and Leecifer!
12" Rhino Troop:  Using 10" Teddy Troop as base platform with polyurethane plastic cast rhino head10" Iron Troop: Using 10" Teddy Troop as base platform10" Dun-209: Using 7" Mecha Dunny as base platform with cast resin parts (homage piece to the ED-209 from the original Robocop movie)10" Exoskeleton: using 7" Kidrobot munny as base platform with cast resin parts.four 3" Iron Bees: using 3" Kidrobot dunny figures as base platform